The actresses from our show did a segment on their casting experiences in Hollywood. It’s eye opening and I’m hoping people see the need to donate to this project if they haven’t already!

MisSpelled is about five girls who mysteriously acquire magical powers and how they learn to deal with them and one another. It’s a dramedy and mostly just a fantastical adventure featuring an all women of color cast and a variety of body types.

So often we clamor for diversity and when shows like MisSpelled pop up they fall by the wayside because they don’t have the financial backing of a network. 

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Since I spent most of today talking about problematic YouTubers, let’s shift gears and highlight content creators who are doing some good. Please join me in supporting an incredible the Kickstarter for MisSpelled, a smart and darkly funny web series with a cast of beautiful and talented WOC.

good things to tell yourself everyday

❁ i am worthy
❁ i am more than my appearance
❁ i am loved
❁ i am cared for
❁ i am strong
❁ i am beautiful
❁ i am a good person
❁ i am allowed to get rid of the toxic people in my life
❁ my body does not define me
❁ i deserve respect
❁ i deserve good things
❁ i do not need to justify my actions
❁ and most importantly, i can get through anything.

It’s #LetsTalkTuesday so we’re talking about sex/relationships and how we might be using them to validate ourselves!

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I know I just said we shouldn’t respond to trolls…but I spent some time in the comments of THE VIDEO IN QUESTION and there are a number of ladies just being totally badass and awesome, so I wanted to share.


OH….. MY…… GOD

Dream: Jolt to Cleanse?

Last night I had another strange dream… I was sitting in a movie theater that was mostly empty. There was this BEAUTIFUL girl there, she was sitting a few rows in front of me. Suddenly, she stood up and made her way over to where I was sitting and came towards me, brought her face into my neck as though to kiss it but then the touched my neck with this little thing that gave me a tickling shock, that seemed to relieve me of something (maybe, stress? pain?).

I don’t remember what happened in between, but I saw her a few rows in front of me, and someone was recommending I approach her, but whether it was out of respect for her or insecurity in myself, I didn’t want to? I remember thinking, “She’s leaving soon and then she’ll be gone.” 

Before she left, she approached me a last time, she gave me a hug, and when her arms were around my back, she pulled out her little tool to give a jolt to my spine, and my reflex made my head fall back and I was looking up at the ceiling, but instead I saw the night sky, I saw stars. She told me, “This is what you need. This will cleanse your mind, and allow you to see clearly and cure you of anything broken.” and I did feel SO…. good :)

*It might be in reference to a talk I had yesterday about my depression and BDD and being upset with my “broken brain”.

Joseph-Gordon Levitt of hitrecordjoe​ wants you to submit videos to on what “Feminism” means to you!! I think we all are looking forward to the discussion, because like any other ideology, it can differ from person to person! Contribute to the collaboration!


love this show so much


love this show so much