Trigger Warning: video mentions depression, suicidal thoughts, bullying, bdd, sex violence, and abuse (though not in graphic detail)

Turning 24 is actually pretty special for me.

I hope you’ll allow me about 15 minutes of your time to tell you some silly anecdotes and some of the adversities I have overcome in my life… because, today I turn twice the age I was, when I came very close to ending it. I am proud to be a survivor, and although sometimes the fight is exhausting, I will keep fighting and I hope you will too.

One piece of advice I will never forget came from a friend’s mother, she told me, “This isn’t forever. You will look back on this and it will be so far away.” The day is here, and I definitely came out… mostly alright, haha! So thank you to all the people in my life who showed me kindness, who gave me guidance and support when I needed you most. Thank you, thank you!

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#tbt early 1991

#tbt early 1991

#Tbt when I was a #peruvian toddler! Better subscribe! My birthday video will be out around midnight!

#Tbt when I was a #peruvian toddler! Better subscribe! My birthday video will be out around midnight!

Yeah…. pretty much :) Starting tonight at midnight gonna try and find as many rhymes as possible!

Yeah…. pretty much :) Starting tonight at midnight gonna try and find as many rhymes as possible!


Neil Gaiman’s 8 Rules of Writing, a remake of this post. Source.

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Becoming A Thornberry!

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From Elon James White Tuesday night.

My friend John Stout nominated me for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, he said he’d donate 10$ for everyone who completes the challenge, so even though I did it a little different, I hope this still counts, John!!

Please learn about ALS and donate to as well as and continue to stay informed about what is going on in the world! Check out these lovely people who are living with ALS: Lorey Carey and Anthony Carbajal and listen to their stories!



In response to last week’s "Unhealthy Crushes" topic, this week let’s talk about rejection! 

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*cough* also it’s my birthday this Friday*cough*

I will say, when my girlfriend admitted her feelings for me after years of being best friends, I was EXTREMELY hesitant, and it wasn’t a no! I took my time and really thought about it, went out on a few dates with her, and finally decided that it was the perfect match for me, and two years later, we are still happily together. 

So, while I agree that hesitancy is probably not a good thing, it’s not always a bad thing either. People may just want to weigh their feelings, the risk, etc. too. 

Hmm, maybe I should have clarified a bit better (lol, always my problem). If you were hesitant but still considering and going on dates, it’s different than hesitant because:

A. one doesn’t want to hurt their feelings by rejecting them

B. one likes the validation of someone liking them and they don’t want to lose that feeling, even though it’s not mutual

C. one may have been made uncomfortable by the whole situation, doesn’t know what they want (and honestly, I find that a socially dangerous place to be because choosing to date someone is not like choosing what clothes to wear, you are messing with someone’s feelings, they deserve clear answers, and not to be put on a shelf to wait, while one makes decisions.)

I think honesty in communication is very important. When someone hesitates to respond to a pursuit or romantic confrontation, I’ve observed these to be the common reasons why, which is why I view them as big old caution flags. Ultimately, when facing rejection or hesitance, my advice is to respectfully back off, if one needs time to think, back off, if it’s meant to be, it will be.